Blue Lagoon Malta

The Blue Lagoon is a strait in Malta, between the two islands: Cominotto and Comino. The lagoon is characterized by crystalline and turquoise water. It is a quite secluded place. Scenes for such films as “Helen of Troy” from 2003 were filmed here.

During the season the place is very crowded. After the season, there are definitely fewer people there, and you can swim too. The water temperature is then around 20 degrees C.

It is also worth strolling along the coast and enter the higher area, from which there is a view of the surrounding area. Be careful of the sharp edges of the rocks, so you should bring your shoes with a strong sole. There are toilets and foodtrucks on site. You can also rent water equipment.

The main beach is stony, but you can swim to a small island, where there is sand. Not far from the main beach is a cave, which you can also influence. The place is well-suited for diving.

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How to get to Blue Lagoon?

You can get there by boat. Tours are organized from both Malta and Gozo.

Tours (boat trips) to Blue Lagoon are organized by many companies. Eg.:

CaptainMorgan. Prices: adults – 20 euros, children under 12 years  – 10 euros. Website:

Horn Blowe Cruises. Prices: adults – 20 euros, children 6-10 years – 10 euros. Website:

Hera Cruises. Prices: adults – 38-45 euros, children 6-12  years – 25 euros. Website:

Oh Yeah Malta. Prices: adults – 13 euros, children 3-7 years – 6,5 euros. Website:

Comino Ferries. Prices: adults – from 15 euros, children 5-12 years – from 5 euros. Website:

Blue Lagoon hotels

There is only one hotel near the lagoon. This is the Comino Hotel.




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