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Domus Romana (Domvs Romana) is a ruin of a house from Roman times, located on the border of Mdina and Rabat (right next to the city walls of Mdina) in Malta. The house was built in the first century BC. as an aristocratic townhouse in the Roman city of Melite. In the 11th century, a Muslim cemetery was established on the ruins of domus. The place was discovered accidentally in 1881 by workers during beautifying works and archaeological excavations revealed a number of well-preserved Roman mosaics, statuettes and other objects, as well as a certain number of tombstones and other remains of the cemetery. Since 1882, the place has been made available to the public as a museum, currently run by Heritage Malta.

When the ruins were discovered, a museum was built around the peristyle to protect the mosaics. It was opened in February 1882, and it was the first building in Malta, which housed a museum facility of a specific archaeological site. The museum was originally known as the Museum of Roman Antiquities and in addition to mosaics and other Roman and Muslim works of human hands unearthed in domus, also exhibited other marble finds from Roman times, and found in various places in Mdina. Finally, residues from this period found throughout Malta were also displayed.

In 1922, the museum was enlarged, a neoclassical façade and a large exhibition hall were added.
The remains of the domus were inscribed on the Antiquities List of 1925. During the World War II, the museum was closed, there was a branch renewing the finds, and in 1945 the museum was reopened.

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Domus Romana opening hours

Monday – Sunday: 09.00 – 17.00
Last admission at 16.30.

Tickets price

Adults (18 – 59): €6.00
Infants (1 – 5): Free
Children (6 – 11): €3.00
Youths (12 – 17): €4.50
Students: €4.50
Senior Citizens (60 & over): €4.50


Domus Romana
Museum Esplanade,
Rabat RBT 1202
Tel: +356 21 454 125
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